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Israeli Messianic Books

Everyday Miracles

Judean Hills Wildflowers

Spectacular photograpy
by Brian Whitson, Jerusalem

(This book is printed back-to-front
for Hebrew users and front-to-back
for English users--a great gift!)

Messianic Poetry

Musings from Galilee

by Ruth Nessim
(Ruth and her late husband, Albert,
are among 'the pioneers' of Messianic Jews living in Israel.
Ruth and of their several children serve in ministries in Israel today).

Apolstolic, Prophetic, Evangelistic.

What Does the Bible
Say About the Land?

by Asher Intrater
Ministries, Jerusalem

A Slow Train Coming
God's Redemptive Plan
for Israel and the Church

by David Silver
Out of Zion Ministries,
Mt. Carmel
, Israel

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