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The True Holy Land
Israeli Messianic Marketplace

A Handy Online Guide to all Israeli Messianic
Judaica, Gifts, Arts, Crafts
, Gift Shops,
Bed & Breakfasts, Prayer and Worship
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Services and products!

This is where you can find authentic Israeli products for
donor gifts, gift shop product, personal or ministry use--
and your business will help the believers of Israel support themselves!

The Israeli Messianic Shuk
Marketplace Directory
All Products, Arts & Services by Believers in Yeshua

Gift Shops

Multi-Media Show &
Messianic Gift Shop

on the Tiberias waterfront
Shop owned by believers
Amnon Shor

Zak24 Old City Gift Shop, Jerusalem
Shop owned by one
of the few Arab believer families
left in the Old City J'slm

Future Vision
Gifts from Israel

Kiryat Yam in Haifa Bay
Shop operated by Marc Chopinsky
(formerly of Israel's Hope)
and his wife Leah Chopinsky
who produces Custom Ceramics.

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Everyday Miracles

Judean Hills Wildflowers

Spectacular photograpy
by Brian Whitson, Jerusalem

(This book is printed back-to-front
for Hebrew users and front-to-back
for English users--a great gift!)

Messianic Poetry

Musings from Galilee

by Ruth Nessim
(Ruth and her late husband, Albert,
are among 'the pioneers' of Messianic Jews living in Israel.
Ruth and of their several children serve in ministries in Israel today).

Apolstolic, Prophetic, Evangelistic.

What Does the Bible
Say About the Land?

by Asher Intrater
Ministries, Jerusalem

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The Jordan River

Art in
Oils, Water & Pencil

Anya Poberezny
a talented artist in
northern Israel

The Aaronic Benediction
The Priestly Blessing

"The Lord bless you and keep you.
The Lord make his face shine upon you
and be gracious to you."

Classic Hebrew Calligraphy
by Messianic Artist Hannah Wills

High quality art print on textured watercolor like paper 13x9x1/2 in

The Shuk

A slice of daily Israeli life -
Shopping in the


Art hand painted on habotai Silk

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Israel News Sites

Israelhaiom news

A News Site you can trust from Israel
by Believers

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Functional Art Products

Amy's Designs of Israel

a Messianic Artist from Haifa
Pop-up Cards
and Mosaic Design Note Cards

raditional Jewish symbols with
Biblical text


Candlesticks Holders

The pomegranate, the beautifully showy
fruit tree throughout Israel, is said to be
a symbol for righteousness.

These brilliant ceramic pomegranate candlestick holders
by Messianic artisan
Ayelet Steckbeck

Anointing Oils, Salves & Perfumes

Bottled Israeli Spring Water

Jacob's Spring Water

A vision others can get in on
from Homer Owens, Samaritan Foundation.

This natural spring water from the area of Jericho
is pure and great tasting.

Read the vision and how you can be involved
in water that will bless the Israeli economy
and remind that Yeshua is the Living Water.

Music CDs

The Latter Rain
Praise CD from the Heart of God
& the lips of Carolyn Hyde

Carolyn is an anointed worship leader
in Poriya Ilit, Israel

Classical instrumental Guitar
A CD of Praise & Worship Music

Messianic Guitarist
Michael Nessim

Introducing Israel's Hope

Paul Wilbur, Marc Chopinsky & Rene Bloch

- Israel's Hope produced Messianic praise and worship music that has been the standard of Messianic congregations for over a decade. This is some of the best loved Messianic music ever made.

The "Jesus Boat" Fisherman Messianic believer
Daniel Carmel
Worship CD

and other Art by Daniel
(Daniel is also a jeweler)

"Shalom Elohim"
(The Peace of God)
by Sasha and Poberezny

Instrumental Arrangements
of many favorite
Messianic Worship songs
(Hear music clips online)

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Deuteronomy 6:4-5
made by Lura Beckford
from olive wood cured in caves
surrounding Bethlehem.

Lura from Arad,
in one of the flashpoints of
persecution of the believers in Israel

Profits from these mezuzot go 100% to
needy families within among the
believing community in Israel.

Hand Crafted Wood Mezuzzah
in many designs and colors
by Messianic artisan
Ayelet Steckbeck

Beautifully Crafted Ceramic Mezuzzah
in many designs and colors
by Messianic artisan
Ayelet Steckbeck


Judaica Jewelry
by believer immigrant artisans

Israeli Made Treasures

handmade Israeli jewelry

by a lovely believer in the north
(Read her story online)

Messianic Jewelry by Tiki
Tikva Ratson Cohen
works in Gold, Silver and Precious Stones.

designs range from
Messianic to traditional Yemenite, and
other biblically & Israeli-inspired jewelry.

Grape & Vine Leaf
in silver

Lion of the Tribe of Judah
for ambassadors of the Messiah
from David Silver

Banners & Worship Products

Worship Flags, Banners
and Silk Paintings

also Digital Art, photography
and other
worship articles
made by believers in Jerusalem

- Head of all Nations


made by
Messianic believers in Israel

Created to amplify
Deuteronomy 28:1

Bed & Breakfasts
Guest Houses and Hostels
Beit Immanuel
Guest House

historic Jaffa by Tel Aviv
on the Mediterranean

by David and Michaella Lazarus

Prayer & Worship
Retreats or Schools

The Emmaus Way

School of Worship and Retreat
a ministry of Arni and Yonit Klein
in the Judean Hills

Trumpet of Salvation
Evangelism School and Tour
a ministry of Jacob Damkani

Jaffa-Tel Aviv

Mt. Carmel School of Ministry
a ministry of David Davis,
Peter Tsukahira and Dani Sayag
in the Haifa area

Tour Services
Sar-El Tours & Travel
Messianic tours
of the Holy Land
owned by Samuel Smadja

Specializing in Customized Tours.

Great Places for
Individual Tourists to Visit

24/7 Worship
from Jerusalem

Baruch haba b'Shem Adonai!

Succat Hallel


Worship Watches
in Jerusalem
Rick and Patti Ridings

Tour Stops for Tour Groups

Multi-Media Show &
Messianic Gift Shop

on the Tiberias waterfront
Shop owned by believers Eric and Terry Morey


When in the Galilee
Experience a home-style
Messianic Shabbat Dinner
View from the home of Richard & Carolyn Hyde,
your hosts for an authentic Israeli family Shabbat meal.

or, Tour Groups
can now create
glorious worship experiences

with special evening services
in your Galilee hotel lodging
or onsite at daytime
tour sites.

Richard & Carolyn Hyde
Heart of God Ministries

Carolyn is an anointed Messianic Jewish
praise and worship leader
in the area.

(Listen to her music CDs)

Volunteer Ministry Opportunities

Beit Immanuel Guest House
in historic Jaffa by Tel Aviv
on the Mediterranean
owned by David and Michaella Lazarus
Volunteers Program

The King's Men Chess Club, Arad
This is the ministry that has the anti-missionaries (for Christians that would be "anti-Christ")
in the sleepy little desert community of Arad in such an uproar. It is a ministry to elderly Jews, Arabs and Beduoin serving as a social club and also ministry to the poor.

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Investment Services

Pioneer Global Funds

Isratrade Investment Management Ltd

founded by Joseph Mitchell Shiloah
Believer-owned investment services
with the goal to serve foreign

investors in Israel.


This is not an online store and Israelprayer does not receive any money for sales,
commission or promotional advertising of the Israeli believers’ businesses.
We are
simply giving what we have to give toward blessing the entire Body of Messiah
in Israel—so they can be a greater blessing to their own nation.

We urge you to use this resource and instead of buying Israeli product from
those who are not proclaiming God's love through Yeshua to Israelis,
redirect your valuable support dollars toward our own spiritual family in Israel.

Bless them so they can be a blessing to their nation.
It is the credible witness that will release the Lord's harvest in Israel.

Calling all Christians to Support the
Indigenous Israeli Ministries!


“When it is evening, you say, ‘It will be fair weather, for the sky is red.’
And in the morning, ‘There will be a storm today,
for the sky is red and threatening.’
Do you know how to discern the appearance of the sky,
but cannot discern the signs of the times?
Mt 16:2-3

Now learn a parable of the fig tree; When his branch is yet tender,
and putteth forth leaves, ye know that summer is nigh:
Mt 24:32

Israeli Indigenous ministries need your support NOW because it is already
the spiritual summer in Israel--the growing season of the latter harvest in

There are many ways to support the indigenous believers of Israel. We can pray for them and contribute to their ministries but we can also support the businesses of both Israeli Messianic Jews and Christian Arabs.
In a nation so dependent upon tourism, (and so hurt by the recent lack of tourism), and with the additional
strains the indigenous believers in Israel live with they really need us to come alongside in support!