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One Year After the Bomb Explosion

Israeli Messianic Youth Magazine
Interview and Story with Ami Ortiz

This is the English translation of an article
witten by an Israeli Youth, Liel

Ami's mother, Leah writes: The first part is a pretty accurate account of what happened on March 20, 2008, but the second part is an interview with Ami. So far, you've been reading about him, but now - Ami speaks for himself!

PERSECUTION The persecution began when in the streets of Ariel, Flyers were distributed, and on them Pictures of David Ortiz and other Messianic believers. The flyers carried the following warning: Citizens of Ariel, Beware! These people are Christian Missionaries that masquerade as Jews and belong to a cult called Messianic Judaism."
On March 20, 2008, a man with his head lowered, entered a residence in Ariel, dressed in an army uniform. He climbed three floors up to the apartment of the Ortiz Family. Security cameras in the building filmed him putting a package by the door of the apartment and leaving. It was the Purim holiday and a big, beautiful Purim package was waiting by the door of the house of the Ortiz Family on the 3rd floor of an apartment building in the middle of the city of Ariel. Happy Purim was written on the package in black magic marker. The cleaning lady brought the package inside.

Ami woke up late, because he didn't go to school that day. He saw the package, but decided to take the dog out first. When the cleaning lady went downstairs to throw out the trash, having left for the day, Ami opened up the package. The deafening blast and the silence that was heard a moment after echoed loudly throughout the streets of the neighborhood. The apartment windows were blown out, and smoke and a hot, scorching smell filled the place. Amiel was left lying on floor of the kitchen, critically injured, dripping blood and yelling out from pain. "It was a Purim package", he told the paramedics who were treating him.

Ami was badly wounded as a result of the terror attack: three toes on his left foot were partially amputated, he has many tears in the muscles of his legs, on his left leg there is a muscle that is deeply lacerated, he has scars as a result of the burns in the area of his stomach, shrapnel in his body and also eyes, significant hearing loss, and damage to his nerves that causes him sensitivity and pain especially in his left hand. In spite of the physical difficulties, Ami has lifted his eyes to God. 

In the first stages of the investigation, there were difficulties in making a decision concerning the ones responsible for the attack. There were two possibilities, one that it was of a nationalistic background, as David Ortiz is known as an evangelist to the Arabs, and there are among them many Muslims that are not happy with that - and the other, that it was carried out by a group of radical Orthodox Jews. Sorry to say, it turned out that those who are under the commandment "Thou Shalt not Kill" are those whose hands are contaminated with the blood of Ami Ortiz.

TRUST IN THE LORD We turned to Ami with the request that he share with us how he is feeling after the incident.

"When I woke up after being in an induced coma for 8 days, I was still under the influence of the drugs the doctors gave me so that I wouldn't feel the horrible pain. I couldn't differentiate between reality and hallucination, but despite the strange feeling, I knew that God was with me all the time. Also when my mind was hazy, and I was having hallucinations, I was able to trust in the Lord. There were many questions that went through my mind but I understood that I have to trust him in the hard times in order to be able to pass through this period in my life with less difficulty. During this whole time, I understood that my life was 100% dependent on the Lord and I was nothing without Him. This strengthened my faith and trust in Him.

Today, looking back, I can say that for certain this incident caused me to grow in the faith in an amazing way. The Lord is working in my heart and is changing me every day. Suddenly I value life. I don't take for granted the fact that I am alive. I know that I am here because of the Lord Yeshua. I thank Him for how He protected me from the evil and because of Him I am alive today and I can tell others how He is working in my life. I don't have anger in me towards the people who are responsible for this incident. I have forgiven them. I am sure that God is the righteous judge, and He knows everything. He knows who is responsible for everything and He will judge. 

My injuries are many and painful, but I am able to overcome. The fear that this incident will happen again to me, to my family or to someone in the Body of Messiah exists. When this fear attacks me, I try not to allow it to take control of me. I pray and know that God is with me, and is guarding and watching over me, my loved ones and the whole Body of Messiah. The verse that strengthens me when I am afraid is: Psalm 91:2 I will say of the LORD, "He is my refuge and my fortress: My God, in Him I will trust." 

ONE BODY IN THE MESSIAH During this whole time, from the time I was wounded until today, one of the things which has amazed me, and I thank God for, is the support from the Body of Messiah in Israel and all over the world. People are always visiting me, sending me presents, and praying for me. Every day (in the hospital) people were preparing food for me and my family, and they sent letters that showed their support to the hospital and to our home. Many visitors have come that have strengthened and encouraged me and my family.

During this whole difficult period that I have passed through, I have understood how good it is that we are all one Body, and how deep and big the love is that we have among ourselves in the Messiah. Romans 12:5 says -

"so in the Messiah, we who are many form one body, and each member belongs to all the others"

All of a sudden, all the verses that speak on the members of the Body seem so true and clear to me. I was able to see clearly the verse that says, "If one member suffers, the whole Body suffers with him", and it is so true in my situation. I knew and I still know that I am not alone, and there is a whole Body with hundreds of people in Israel and the world that are standing by my side in prayer and support.

At this time I would like to ask you to pray for the pain in my left hand that was caused by very severe nerve damage and for my body to return to its full function. I want to say to all who have prayed for me and are praying, and for those who have blessed me, and my family - thank you very much! The prayer and support has strengthened and encouraged my family. Thank you!

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