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May _ 2007

Praying in Agreement with the Israeli Body of Messiah

I am circulating this call by Rick Ridings of Succat Hallel to a 40-Day Fast ahead of the OneThingJerusalem Youth conference in Israel because it bears great witness.

In recent months our Dallas Israel Prayer Team has sensed a growing emphasis by the Holy Spirit in prayers for the “transitions” of believing generations that is taking place in Israel. Our prayers have grown regarding the ‘30-somethings’ who have begun to emerge as anointed ministry leaders in Israel—many at the sides or nearby their own fathers and mothers in Israeli ministry. Our prayers have also grown for the fire of the Holy Spirit that is igniting among a whole generation of Israel teens and young adults. We agree with the sense Rick Ridings is expressing here—the 40th anniversary of the re-unification of Jerusalem under Israeli control is a significant spiritual marker in the unfolding of God’s appointed seasons of Israel’s salvation. Please read and see if the Lord speaks to you to participate in this, or the 7th The Call issued by Lou Engle’s ministry in the U.S. It is our sense that the two are very spiritually intertwined. –Donna Diorio

40-Day Fast to “Transition” Into the Global Youth Outpouring
By Rick Ridings, Jerusalem, April 28, 2007

“Transition” is a birthing word. A woman cannot live in a constant state of labor, let alone “transition”. But having been at the birth of our three children, and six grandchildren, I can testify that, when the time for birth has come, everyday life must be set aside as the mother gives herself to the birthing process.

I believe we are entering into a “kairos” moment when the Holy Spirit is calling us to lay aside many legitimate activities in order to give ourselves to cooperate with the Holy Spirit, through prayer and fasting, in the birthing of a youth outpouring upon Israel and the nations.

2007 is the 40th year since two important and parallel events: the reunification of Jerusalem (when Israel took back the “wailing wall” and the Temple Mt. as a result of winning the Six Day War) and the birth of a global youth outpouring and harvest we now call the “Jesus Movement”.

I believe it is a “God-incidence” that He called us to prepare an Israeli/international youth conference at the end of the month when Israel will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem (the “OneThingJerusalem Conference” to be held June 29-July 1). He separately called my friend, Lou Engle (who is one of the speakers for our youth conference here in Jerusalem) to re-launch “The Call” one week after the Jerusalem conference with a massive youth gathering in Nashville on 7-7-07.

Lou recently emailed me sensing God wanted me to call a 40-day fast in Israel in preparation. This confirmed something I was already praying about. However, I sensed God wanted us to extend the call for this fast to include the nations, as it is a call to assist in the birthing of an Israeli and global youth awakening.

As I prayed about the dates for the fast, I felt the Holy Spirit whisper into my heart, check the calendar to see what happens if the 21st day of the fast is June 7th (the 40th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem). After Daniel had fasted 21 days, Michael the Archangel was sent to defend Israel. Amazingly enough, if June 7th is the 21st day of the fast, that would have the fast ending on June 26th, three days before our youth convocation in Jerusalem. Three is the biblical number representing “establishment”. And the fast would end 11 days before “The Call” in Nashville. Eleven is the biblical number representing “government”. Could this perhaps signal a global shifting of government on 7-7-07, with the government (kingdom) of God being expressed and extended through a new global youth awakening?

Therefore, I encourage you to join us in this 40-day fast, May 18 – June 26th as the Holy Spirit may lead you individually or as a group to participate (i.e., some may do a liquids only fast, others a Daniel fast, others a day or a few, others the whole 40 days). May there be a great release of the “birthing anointing” upon us to “transition” into a mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the youth of Israel, the Middle East, and the nations.

From Jerusalem, Rick Ridings

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Fast Also for
Legal Protections to be Upheld
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