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January 27, 2007
Israel News on Israel Prayer .com
I S R A E L - N E W S briefs & news L A U N C H
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Staggering Poverty is Mentally Fatiguing

Report: 775,000 children live in poverty
Over 1.5 million (1.63m.) Israelis live below the poverty line ….The National Council for the Child stressed that
srael's percentage of impoverished children (one out of three) was the "highest in the world."

The War Wearied and the “Mentally Fatigued”

Chicago Terror Trial: Jury still in Deliberations
Terrorism jury suffering 'mental fatigue,' cuts work hours

By Mike Robinson  AP Legal Affairs Writer  Chicago Tribune  January 25, 2007

CHICAGO -- Jurors in the trial of two men charged with furnishing money and fresh recruits to Hamas terrorists announced Thursday that they are getting tired and are cutting their work hours.. . .Jurors said in the note that they are suffering from "mental fatigue."  ….Jurors heard three months of testimony in the case and have deliberated on the evidence for nine days.

The First Word: Our bloodletting must stop

Violence, it seems, has become endemic to the Palestinian mind-set and political culture. … The chaos surrounding Palestinian social and political life is indicative of our having the wrong priorities…. Palestinians need to realize that this may be our last chance for self-determination. If lost, it could be lost forever. We cannot afford to repeat the mistakes of the past; we cannot afford another series of missed opportunities.

Do Not Bite and Devour…each other

Debilitating public criticism
By Yagil Levy  Haaretz 1-18-07

Dan Halutz is the first chief of staff to step down in the wake of public pressure…. not because the political leadership pushed him to do so, but because he has internalized the fact that public confidence in him was at a nadir, making it difficult for him to function, and causing an erosion of confidence in him within the organization as well. … The resignation of the chief of staff actually symbolizes the weakness of civilian monitoring…. means that the army is sliding over into the area of formulating policy rather than merely implementing it, and involving itself in political controversy and political bargaining. 

Give Ehud Olmert a break

The government is wounded; it's bleeding; and all those near enough to smell the blood are sinking their teeth in the prime minister to take yet another bite of his flesh.

Meeting of the Minds:

Top US official urges more pressure against Iran

"Iran is going to have to suffer the consequences of being an international pariah," US Undersecretary of State Nicholas Burns told the Herzliya conference at the IDC in Herzliya, emphasizing Washington's desire for a diplomatic solution to the crisis.

Iran announces new missile tests as Ahmadinejad dismisses criticism of economy
by Nasser Karimi, Canadian Press  January 21, 2007

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - Determined not to budge under pressure, Iran announced new tests of short-range missiles Sunday, and hardline President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad dismissed criticism that the country's economy has been hurt by UN sanctions imposed for its suspect nuclear program.

Israel faces nuclear Holocaust warns Gingrich
Newt Gingrich: Haifa, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem facing mortal Iranian threat,
says former US Speaker of the House
By Yaakov Lappin  Yediot Aharonot 1-23-07

"The war in Lebanon demonstrated that Israel is facing a jihadist threat that runs through Tehran, to Damascus, to Gaza. Hizbullah are not fighting for the coming into being of a Palestinian state, but for the going out of being of the Israeli state," he said.


The problem with Syria
Middle Israel:

Optimistic interpretations of Syrian intentions are inspired by Military Intelligence, while the skeptics are nesting in the Mossad. As Mossad chief Meir Dagan et al. see it, the Syrians have undergone no epiphany, and rather than reflect a strategic change of attitude toward Israel, their statements merely echo momentary diplomatic distress.   

[Asa-El provides an explanation of the Assad regime’s underlying religious foundations and, therefore, regional moves.]

Syria hallucinations
President Assad won't be disengaging from Iran or Hizbullah
By Zalman Shoval Yediot Aharonot 12-27-06

In recent weeks Syria has engaged in a diplomatic and political offensive against Israel and the United States, and not without success, we must admit. It has been aided by quite a few rash and unwise remarks by certain Israeli politicians and journalists, as well as American politicians hostile to the Bush Administration's policy.

 Three dimensional chess in a dark room
Dept of Defense News Briefing with British Lt. Gen. Lamb from Iraq
U.S. Dept of Defense  1-19-07

On Iraq:  “It's hard pounding. This is as complex as I've ever seen anything I've ever done. This is really difficult. This is three-dimensional chess in a dark room. But hard pounding is what Wellington said at Waterloo before he went on to win as part of a coalition.”  

Israel Inside Insight

The life and times of Moshe Katsav

For most of its 58 years the Israeli presidency was mainly about laying cornerstones, cutting ribbons, visiting charities, accepting ambassadorial credentials and strolling alongside military bands with colorfully dressed kings and well-tailored presidents.  Not anymore.

.. .There is only that much you can do for your country when you are so busy asking what you can do for yourself.

Rule of lawlessness
Review: The Struggle of Democracy against Terrorism  By Emmanuel Gross University of Virginia Press

We will return to the question of how a democratic state, committed to human rights and the rule of law at home and in its international relations, is supposed to confront terrorists who deliberately embed themselves among the civilian population. But this issue is only one of the many that Gross addresses. Others include the interrogation of terrorist suspects, the use of administrative measures such as administrative arrests, house demolitions, imposition of curfews, closures and roadblocks, the incarceration of "illegal fighters," intelligence-gathering techniques that invade privacy, the use of civilians as human shields, targeted assassinations and how to cope with the terrorists' use of their own people as human shields.

Peres grateful to Nasrallah, Ahmadinejad
Vice premier says Iranian president is doing a great job. 'Without him, the world would not unite in an anti-Persian policy,' he tells Herzliya Conference
By Yoav Kapshuk  Yediot Aharonot 1-22-07

Peres added that he supported the US stance, which views Syria as part of the axis of evil. "The United States believed that (Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad) Siniora should control Lebanon and it cannot go with Syria, while Syria wants to strengthen Hizbullah and is sponsoring Khaled Mashaal," he concluded.

Anglicans helped create Israel
Evangelical Anglicans of the 19th century played a central role in the process that led to the establishment of the State of Israel, according to documents to be made available for the first time next week by the Christ Church Center near Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem. "It is impossible to understand the Balfour Declaration of 1917 without first understanding the theological developments that reached their peak in 1850," said Kelvin Crombie, a historian and member of the Christian Missionary Among the Jewish People (CMJ).

HOT, YES running Jews for Jesus ads
Jerusalem city councilwoman Mina Fenton, a prominent anti-missionary activist from the National Religious Party, said that the approval of the broadcasts in Israel by the Communications Ministry represented "the corruption of Jewish morals," and was indicative of a country facing a "crusade of money."

The ever-sensitive issue of TV missionary activity comes amid burgeoning ties between Israel and the evangelical Christian world and follows a recent decision by YES to drop Star World and by HOT to discontinue BBC Prime, moves which have triggered a firestorm of protests by the English-speaking public in Israel.

*  “Jews for Jesus” is anti-missionary code for any Jewish ministry that believes Yeshua is the Messiah of Israel.  The label is not limited to the affiliation with organization known as Jews for Jesus.    --dd

These collections of news stories are not just for the sake of information, opinion
or commentary but rather are meant to help Christians and Messianic Jews
pray more effectively
for the things that God has declared He is going to do.

You might say, "What does all this have to do with Israel? I just want to pray for Israel!"
Think of it this way, Jesus said the gospel of the kingdom was going to be preached
in every nation of the world--including the nations surrounding and hostile to Israel that
are now held in the grip of Islam. If the gospel is going to be given the freedom to be
preached in Israel's neighborhood, then the militant fanaticism of Islam has to be broken.

How did the Berlin Wall come down? God was quietly undermining the hold of Communism
throughout the U.S.S.R. and behind the Iron Curtain. Suddenly the Wall came down, just
as the walls of Jericho, but Western nations had to stand in opposition until God visibly
brought down the Communism that kept the gospel locked out of those nations.
The Fall of Islam will be similar.

There is a relationship to the commitment of Western nations to stand for liberty
and freedom, and the fall of both secular and religious "isms" that have closed
the doors of their nations against the gospel.
God is bringing those down walls that
stand against the sure promises of the Word being fulfilled--such as the word that says,
"men from every tribe and tongue and
people and nation" will be "purchased for God with
Your Blood."
There is yet to come great harvest of souls by the Blood of Jesus
in every nation--just as there already has begun in the nations of the former Soviet Union
and behind the Iron Curtain. The wall of Islam will see a similar breakdown that will open
the Middle East to the gospel of the kingdom of God. The civil wars and conflict currently
broiling in the region do not spell Israel's demise, but Islam's demise!

It is as Francis Frangipane recently said, “In all the predictions about Israel, one major
prophetic reality seems almost always to be ignored:
the gospel of the kingdom
still must be proclaimed as a witness to all nations, 'and then the end shall come.'

In other words, God's focus is still on reaching the nations, even the Muslim world (and
also the Hindu and Buddhist worlds).
We still have a job to do in that arena, as none of the
nations in the Middle East have known a true and significant outpouring of the Holy Spirit.
Until that happens -- and until the fullness of the gentiles comes in -- these other
events concerning Israel and the end sit upon a stage yet to be revealed.
We may
have wars in the Middle East, and while our prayers for Israel remain steadfast,
our eyes should still be looking for the harvest.”

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We seek to digest the facts, spit out as much rhetoric, bias and prejudice
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–Donna Diorio

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