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Some War-time Observations
July 28, 2006
by Howard Bass
Yeshua’s Inheritance Congregation, Beer Sheva

For those of you wondering -- not familiar with the lay of the land here in Israel -- Beer Sheva is till now a safe place, both from Gaza and from Lebanon, and even from Egypt and Jordan. If the ketusha rockets ever get to Gaza, then we will be in range.

We are able here in Beer Sheva to receive some of those leaving the north of the country temporarily. This refugee problem is happening within the borders of Israel. It is only a foretaste of the day when the antichrist will be active, causing the Israelis to flee across the border, apparently into southern Jordan. If any of you already have plans to visit Israel in the near future, please don't cancel. You may need to adjust your itinerary, but maybe at such a time as this, the Negev is an attractive alternative to the normal visits and tours.

While in Eilat, I listened to and watched the news much more than normal, given that our nation is at war. I believe that this war is justifiable on the part of Israel, given how it came about and the background to it. The Scriptures clearly say that there will be wars and rumors of war until the end. No plan of man is going to make wars to cease!

Having said that, and believing it already says something about my view of the end times, which will shape my view and interpretation of events--Our view of the end affects our life in the present, and differing views will sometimes converge and at other times be at odds with one another. Some of the facts may be the same, but the explanation of them can be vastly different.

What will it take for God to answer the prayer of Yeshua for the unity of His Body with all her members and with Him to be as His with the Father? For surely this is where the Great Shepherd of our souls is leading us, even as He deals with the salvation of the nations and of Israel, and His righteous judgments against those who oppose Him and the Kingdom of God!

In considering the news reports and analyses from different local and international stations, and the various consequences upon Israeli life and the economy, I came back from Eilat sensing that Israel would not accomplish its stated purposes in this conflict, despite having for the first time 'full' support from the U.S. government to wage the war. The Sovereign Lord -- Yeshua, to whom is given all authority in Heaven, on the Earth, and under the Earth -- has timed this outbreak after the exit of the former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, and the election of a government committed to giving up on faith that this land is our land.

While the world complains about disproportionate use of force and the destruction from it caused by Israel's operations, till now only about 1/4th of Israel's military capability is being engaged. (Sadly, but not surprisingly, there are some believers, especially amongst some of the Arabs, who also use this terminology, and are not able to bring themselves to renounce the likes of Hezbollah in its agenda. Again, I go back to what will it take for God. . . .)

Jesus tells us about counting the cost of going to war before actually beginning one, and the enemies of Israel are calling foul when Israel struck back harder than anticipated. But YHVH God tells His people that it is not going to be by power or by strength, but by His Spirit that is going to accomplish the genuine desires of the heart which He has placed into them to be sought after. The peace which Yeshua gives is not the peace which the world even hopes to give with its best intentions!

The Lord has plainly spoken to Jerusalem, representing the center of Jewish/Israeli government and life, that she will not see Him again until she cries out, "Blessed is he who comes in the name of YHVH!" We, as believers in the only one who will answer to that cry, are also, as His Bride, being waited upon to be heard: "Even so, come Lord Jesus!"

For this to happen, it is through much tribulation that we enter the Kingdom of God, purified as a people and as a pure and spotless Bride, without defect or wrinkle or spot or any such thing. It is written in both the Old and the New Testaments that the devil is going to wage war against the saints and wear them down, even overcome them! Is this war of attrition not what he is waging night and day, running around to destroy and to deceive, if possible, even the elect, desiring that we would give up the faith that Jesus wants to find when He returns?

God is bringing His people back to this land of promise, mostly in unbelief, as a demonstration of His grace in His dealings with man. He will cleanse His people here and give them a new heart and a new Spirit (His). While working at one level to show that He alone is truly the only true God, and that His name is YHVH, He is also at work to save whosoever will at the present time, both among the gentiles (including the Arabs) and also amongst the Jews.

As a nation, Israel must be brought to a place to cry out from the depths of her soul, as she eventually did in Egypt, for deliverance from the God of Abraham, of Isaac, and of Jacob against her external and internal enemies. All nations are going to be brought by Yeshua (by YHVH) against Jerusalem, where God will righteously judge them for their unreasonable hatred and opposition to the children of Israel whom He chose for His own glory.

The bitter root and murderous hatred at the heart of Islam will not be subdued until the Lord chooses to blow His breath on it to destroy it. The spirit of antichrist already has its seat on the mount of God (the Temple Mount), presuming to be God, and terrorizing any one and nation who refuses to worship him! But the Jewish people are still in strong opposition to Jesus, to the gospel, to the Kingdom of God over them. God surely will not bless this, but will have them fall short of their objectives, as long as He is not their hope. They will have no peace or security as long as they refuse Him and His dealings with them, both as God and as their Father.

Peace is the fruit of righteousness. We are ambassadors of Messiah and the Kingdom of God. Israel has not appointed me to represent her, nor for that matter has the U.S. Our perspective from being seated in the heavenly places with Messiah, and our overview with Him of seeing His appointed end, and even the signs of the time indicating that the end is hasting to come (all creation is waiting for it!), is essential if we are going to have any salt left in our testimony of Yeshua.

God bless you, and may it be said of us all that we want His will to be done in His way.
In watchfulness and prayer with you all,
Howard Bass, Beer Sheva in the Negev Desert


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