Articles by various writers detailing the scriptural basis for an emphasis on:

  • Church support of the Israeli Messianic community
  • Israeli Messianic Jewish and Arab Christian reconciliation
  • Insights into the building of a spiritual Temple in Israel
  • Biblical commentary on the life and writings of the apostle Paul relating to Christian support of the ministries in Israel
  • Religious persecution of the Messianic Jewish ministries in Israel
  • The financial strains of the believing community in Israel: Supporting ministry outreach in an economy stretched thin by the ongoing assault of a terrorist war
  • Other articles related to the body in Israel


The Temple Mount Faithful or the temple mount Faithful? by Donna DíIorio

Do Jewish People need Jesus? by Dr Daniel Juster

Message in a Forest: Repairer of the Breach by Eitan Shishkoff

Racial Pride and Prejudice by Asher Intrater

Illegal Religious Discrimination by Baruch Maoz
Israel Revival Strategy by Asher Intrater

Do You Desire to Hasten the Lordís Return? by Donna DíIorio

An Open Letter To Those Who Prayed Against Sharon's Disengagement Plan by Asher Intrater



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